What is CSF offer document?

A crowd-sourced funding (CSF) offer document is prepared for a CSF offer. It is presented by an eligible company for its potential investors.

The CSF offer document will focus on information that is required by law, is material to an investor’s decision or may be useful for investors to know. 

ASIC sets out the minimum information that must be included in a CSF offer document under the Corporations Regulations. It includes but not limited to:

  1. Risk warning,
  2. Information about the company,
  3. Information about the offer,
  4. Information about investor rights. 

The company making a CSF offer may provide Galaxy Crowdfunding with a supplementary CSF offer document, or a replacement CSF offer document, to supplement or replace the CSF offer document (the affected offer document ).

We encourage all potential investors download and review the CSF offer document before making an investment.

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