What is the process for raising funds for my company?

If your company and its offer are eligible, then your company may make an offer of its shares under the CSF regime.

A step-by-step process for making a CSF offer is illustrated below. The company making the offer is responsible for Steps 1-5 and 9. The other steps are completed by Galaxy Crowdfunding Platform.

Step 1: Click "Get Funded" and fill out our EOI form;

Step 2: Complete our Due Diligence Questionnaire

Step 3: Enter into a hosting arrangement;

Step 4: Prepare a CSF offer document for the offer;

Step 5: Obtain consents for publication of the CSF offer document;

Step 6: Galaxy Crowdfunding Platform publishes the CSF offer document on its platform and opens the offer;

Step 7: Galaxy Crowdfunding Platform suspends or closes the offer;

Step 8: Galaxy Crowdfunding Platform declares the offer ‘complete’ or ‘unsuccessful’;

Step 9: Your company issues shares or Galaxy Crowdfunding Platform refunds investor money.

Should you require further information, please feel free to contact support@galaxycsf.com.au.




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